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Issue 16 - August 2013

Analysts' Insights

The UN International Year of Water Cooperation:
The case for company and community cooperation

by Loic Dujardin

Loic Dujardin, Director, Research ProductsThe UN has declared 2013 as the International Year of Water Cooperation. Sustainalytics’ research director Loic Dujardin outlines the importance of company-community cooperation when it comes to sharing this precious natural resource.

Read more about the case for water cooperation

Industry Watch: EU pesticide ban and the potential impact on the chemicals industry
by Iulia Maria Anescu and Hazel Goedhart


In this article, we explore some of the risks facing the chemicals industry following the EU moratorium on pesticide use. Although the temporary ban concerns a specific type of pesticide (neonicotinoids, which have been linked to negative effects in honeybees), the industry and its investors are on alert. Pesticide producers could face material risks should restrictions spread across product lines and jurisdictions.

Read more about the EU pesticide ban

From Voluntary to Mandatory: The evolution of GHG reporting
by Andrada Nitoiu

Andrada Nitoiu, Junior Analyst, Research ProductsIncreasingly, countries around the world are developing sustainability reporting policies and regulations specifically related to environmental issues. As a result, corporate reporting on activities that have an impact on the environment, such as GHG emissions, is transforming from a voluntary initiative into a mandatory requirement.

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Product Spotlight
Country Risk Monitor

TextilesBangladesh Factory Collapse and Credit Risks
In the June edition of the Sustainalytics Reporter, we assessed the implications of the April 2013 Bangladesh garment factory collapse for those companies sourcing from emerging markets. In this month’s article we look at the potential negative impact of that event on the country’s credit rating and the risks for investors.

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Sustainalytics' Perspective

Upcoming webinar:
Multinational Corporations and Tax Transparency: Issues for Responsible Investors

Tax avoidance strategies among multinational corporations have become more common and more aggressive. Corporations engaged in such practices are exposed to material financial and reputational risk as governments and civil society call on these companies to “pay their fair share.” This webinar will highlight the risks related to the tax practices of multinational corporations, how these practices have changed and how investors can engage companies on their tax strategy and performance.

Dates and times:

Session I - September 17, 2013 - 10:00 (Singapore) | 12:00 (Sydney)

Session II - September 19, 2013 - 10:00 (Toronto) | 16:00 (Amsterdam)


Webinar recording now available 
Emissions Reduction in the Shipping Industry

Outlining the potential challenges of new environmental regulations for the global shipping industry, this webinar details some of the solutions available to shipping companies and offers both investor and civil society perspectives.

Click here to download the recording.

Inside Sustainalytics

First year anniversary of Singapore office

Singapore team

Top (left to right): Alex Read-Brow, Bobby Chiu, Claire Veuthey and Jaideep Panwar
Bottom row (left to right): Jungho Park, Loic Dujardin, Michelle Uy, Sun Xi

June 28 marked one year since the addition of our team in Singapore. Over the past year the Singapore team has become an integral part of the Sustainalytics family. Sustainalytics’ analysts in Europe and North America have been able to leverage the Singapore team’s extensive knowledge of the sustainability risks and opportunities facing companies in Asian markets. This fresh perspective has allowed Sustainalytics to better aid in our clients’ investment decision-making processes. In addition the insights offered by the Singapore team are helping Sustainalytics build relationships in the growing Asia-Pacific responsible investment market.

Toronto Breakfast Event - Responsible Investment in Emerging Markets

Michael Jantzi, Serge Pepin & Jaideep Panwar
Michael Jantzi, Serge Pépin and Jaideep Panwar

On June 25th, Sustainalytics hosted a client breakfast presentation in Toronto on the topic of responsible investments in emerging markets. The discussion focused on the trends, challenges and opportunities facing responsible investors and included insights from Serge Pépin, Product Specialist, Global Emerging Markets at Lloyd George Management, and Sustainalytics’ own Jaideep Panwar, Manager, Research Products. Following the success of this presentation, we hope to hold more events like this in the near future. 

On the web...

New Case Studies page is now live
Featuring testimonials from our clients, the Case Studies page provides real world examples of how responsible investors use our research and analysis. Visit the new Case Studies page. 


Analysts' Insight

Sustainalytics' Perspective

Product Spotlight

Inside Sustainalytics

ESG Insight Asia


Sustainalytics in the Media

In this month’s ESG Insight Asia report, lead health care analyst Hazel Goedhart examines environmental, social and governance (ESG) challenges facing pharmaceutical companies in China and India. The materiality of social risks related to product safety, marketing, patents/pricing and clinical trials are explored. The report also provides performance assessments of both global and domestic players on these issues.

Read more about the pharma industry in emerging markets.

Stay tuned: Sustainalytics will host a webinar on the pharma industry in China and India. More details to come on our events page.


9 September  
ESG Strategies in Passive Investment - Amsterdam, Netherlands

10-12 September 
PRI and LatinSIF Roadshow - Chile & Colombia

10 September 
Investing in Responsibility - Sydney, Australia

12 September - Toronto, Canada
17 September - Vancouver, Canada 

GRI Training (G4 Bridging Module)

17-18 September
CSR Asia Summit - Bangkok, Thailand

19-20 September
UN Global Compact Leaders Summit - New York, USA

28-30 September
The SRI Conference - Colorado Springs, USA

1-2 October
PRI in Person - Cape Town, South Africa

Visit our website for a full listing of events. 

View upcoming events in the Toronto Sustainability Speakers Series.

Thinking Globally. 
Acting Locally.

On August 19, Sustainalytics staff members participated in the first Global Volunteer Day. Each Sustainalytics office volunteered its time in an effort to approach a global issue on a local level. This year, we focused our energy on addressing climate change. You can read more about our Global Volunteer Day activities on our website. 


Meet.... - 
SRI-Connect regularly features interviews with people working in the responsible investment community. This month get to know Sustainalytics' own Jaideep Singh Panwar (Singapore), Max Zehrt (Toronto) and Dr. Hendrik Garz (Germany). Read the interview here.

The Environmental Watchmen - Advantage Magazine
Manager of human resources and operations (North America) Rachel Birenbaum was featured in Advantage Magazine. In the interview she highlights some of the reasons why people choose to work at Sustainalytics. Click here to read Rachel's interview.

Investors grapple with ethics of Chinese companies - Business in Vancouver
In June, Jaideep Panwar, research manager in Sustainalytics' Singapore office, was a panelist at the Canadian Responsible Investment Conference. He was part of the China-Canada relationship panel. You can read some of Jaideep's comments here.


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