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Sustainalytics Reporter January 2015

Issue 23 - January 2015

Happy New Year from Sustainalytics! As part of our commitment to bring you news about our company and ESG investing on a consistent basis, you can expect the Sustainalytics Reporter to land in your inbox the first Wednesday of every other month.

IRRI Survey 2014 – Sustainalytics Named Best Independent SRI Research Firm!

Independent Research in Responsible Investment Survey 2014 - Thank you for your support!Sustainalytics is proud to have been named Best Independent Socially Responsible Investment Research Firm for the third consecutive year in the Independent Research in Responsible Investment (IRRI) survey. More than 1,000 investment professionals from 500 institutions across 35 countries participated in the annual global survey conducted by Extel and SRI-CONNECT. Sustainalytics also ranked among the three best independent corporate governance research firms and was recognised for its innovative thematic research. You can see a full list of all Sustainalytics team members recognised in the survey on our website.

“We applaud Extel and SRI-CONNECT for undertaking such an important market survey,” said Michael Jantzi, CEO of Sustainalytics. “For us to be recognised as the leading responsible investing research firm for the third consecutive year is truly an honour—one that is particularly notable because it directly reflects the views of the global asset owners and asset managers that we strive to serve every day.”

The Extel Survey is considered the leading benchmark for excellence in investment banking and asset management. The full results of the survey are available on the Extel website and the results video can be accessed here

Analysts' Insights

What's All the Buzz About Green Bonds?
by Vikram Puppala

Vikram Puppala - Analyst, Advisory Services

Curious about green bonds? Our latest article, part of the "Your Guide to Responsible Investing" magazine in Canada's Globe and Mail newspaper, explains the basics of this booming market.

Read "What's all the buzz..."

Electronic Medical Records: Risks for Health Care Providers
by Paulina Stoeva

Paulina Stoeva - Analyst, Research Products

As the number of health care facilities using electronic medical records increases, so does the risk of data leaks and compromised patient confidentiality. Shocking revelations—such as the news that the British NHS sold 50 million electronic medical records to insurance companies—have rightfully put patients and health care providers on edge.

Read "Electronic Medical Records..."

Tax Inversions and the Need for Broader Tax Transparency
By Emily Lambert

Emily LambertIn September the U.S. government announced new regulations to discourage corporate tax inversions. The legislation gives a voice to a public frustrated with aggressive corporate tax strategies. Given the financial risks of such tactics, what can investors do to mitigate them?

Read "Tax Inversions...

Sand Mining in India

Sand mining is a booming business in India, striving to meet the demands of a growing construction sector. However, construction companies must also grapple with the challenges of balancing economic prosperity with the environmental and social impacts of sand mining.

Read "Sand mining in India..."

Sustainalytics' Perspective

Incident and Controversy Assessments: A Look Back at the Top Incidents of 2014 

Incident and Controversy Assessments

Among the various activities and research that Sustainalytics conducts, a large portion is devoted to company research and ratings. Our company ESG reports offer extensive insights into not only company ESG policies and programmes, but also into the controversial activities in which the firm may be involved.

Controversy research plays a vital role in Sustainalytics’ evaluation of ESG performance, as it offers a well-rounded picture of company performance, revealing the overlap or discrepancy between what a firm commits to and what it actually does. Sustainalytics’ analysts monitor this discrepancy, revealing the extent of the impact the company’s actions had on stakeholders (investors, customers, employees, environment, etc.) and the company’s exposure to reputational risks.

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can incorporate these assessments into your investment strategies, please contact us or get in touch with your account manager.

Read “Top Incidents of 2014…”

New Sector Reports and Webinar

This fall Sustainalytics published two new sector reports:

Aerospace & Defence

Sector Report: Aerospace and Defence

"Aerospace and Defence: Ready for Takeoff,” examines the ESG performance of 27 public, developed market aerospace and defence companies, and provides in-depth analysis on six key ESG issues, including: bribery and corruption, product quality and safety, energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, supply chain, human capital and sustainable products and services.


Sector Report: Pharmaceuticals

"Pharmaceuticals: Securing trust, maintaining profitability," includes assessments on over 130 developed and emerging market pharmaceutical companies with a focus on three key ESG issues: access to health care, product quality and safety and business ethics.


On Tuesday, January 13, 2015, join Sustainalytics for an hour-long webinar where we will delve into the ESG trends highlighted in the report, and discuss the challenges and opportunities facing the pharmaceuticals sector. Click here to register.

You can download the summary for both reports from our Insights page.

If you're an institutional investor or asset manager interested in receiving these and future sector reports, please contact us.

Did you know? AllTrials Launches New Campaign

did you know

Clinical trials are a critical step in the process of bringing new medicines to market. During clinical trials, new drugs are tested on human subjects for safety and efficacy. The AllTrials campaign, launched in 2014, advocates for the full disclosure of clinical trial results, for all types of trials occurring anywhere in the world, past and future, regardless of whether the trial outcome is positive or negative. Such full disclosure would have numerous beneficial effects: drugs would be better formulated and have better clinical outcomes; regulators and doctors would be able to base their decisions on more complete information; and money would not be wasted on repeating unnecessary trials. The campaign intends to meet with every pharma company CEO and to ask how their companies intend to respond to the growing demand for transparency.

The AllTrials campaign is an initiative of Bad Science, BMJ, Centre for Evidence-based Medicine, Cochrane Collaboration, James Lind Initiative, PLOS and Sense About Science. More information can be found at or requested through A PRI Clearinghouse initiative has also been launched by BNP Paribas Investment Partners and Broadwaters Advisory Services, to be found here.

Inside Sustainalytics

Dutch Sustainable Young 100

Tal Ullmann - Associate Director, Institutional Relations

The Dutch Sustainable Young 100 lists the 100 young people doing innovative and inspiring work in the field of sustainability in the Netherlands. We are proud that our own Tal Ullmann, associate director, institutional relations, was named to the 2014 list. You can read more about the  ‘sustainable 100’ here (in Dutch). Congratulations Tal!


Analysts' Insights

Sustainalytics' Perspective

Inside Sustainalytics


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